Manufacturing Facility

Welding Automation with Robots & SPMs

Having implemented automation in welding process, we have achieved consistency in all the measurable of weld quality .

Automation through Robots & SPMs can repeatedly place the same quality welds in the same spots, over and over again, with minimal human error, eliminating the repetitive boring jobs which could be a factor in welder turnover . Robotic welding can be very precise allowing for less weld spattering and neater seams.

Press Shop (Hydraulic , Pneumatic , Mechanical & Auto Blanking)

The production of a vehicle begins in the press shop, where sheet metal is integrated into the manufacturing process and the first shapes of the later vehicle are created. You imagine the capability in stampings and we are there to offer you the same with accuracy, reliability & repeatability, both in the Products as well as in the Press Tools. We have capability to produce parts through Sheet route as well as Coil route.

Welding Shop MIG Welding & Resistance (Spot & Projection)

Welding shop strength is our ability to engineer and fabricate complex, multiple part welded assemblies. We also design and build our own weld fixtures when needed.

Other Support Facilities

Backbone of all the processes

Raw Material Shearing

10 MT Crane


Hydraulic Stacker